If you’re considering having replacement windows installed in your home before winter rolls around, the team at West Knox Windows and Siding would be glad to help! Whether it’s double hung windows in a living room or a sliding door installation off of the dining room, having new windows in your home can really make a night and day difference—quite literally, as a matter of fact, because you might just be surprised at how much extra light new windows can let in.

Either way, window installation is something that we excel at (which is good, of course, because it is right there in our name). We represent more than five decades of experience in our industry. Combine that with the fact that new windows can save you up to 30% on your monthly utility bills and it can start to feel like a no brainer. Whether you’re craving a change of pace in terms of looks or your home is starting to show its age and you need to replace your windows because they aren’t functioning properly, we can help.

Window Installation Made Easy

When it comes to new windows, no matter the reason you need them you’ll likely find them a worthwhile investment. If your windows aren’t opening right, they’re letting all of the inside air out and the outside air in, or the style isn’t quite right, it might be time to make the upgrade. But with winter just around the corner, what can you do to make the most of your new windows? That’s the topic of today’s post, so keep reading to find out.

Let in Some Natural Light

We know, we know. Who would’ve thunk that a person should be using their windows to let the light in? The truth of the matter is that people tend to hibernate in the winter. The days are shorter, so it’s often dark out when most of us get home from work. Why open the blinds when it’s dark outside and bright inside? It kind of makes people feel like they are living in a fish bowl.

Unfortunately because we’re not in the habit of opening up the blinds, it’s something that we don’t do on the rare occasions that we’re home during the day. It’s time to break that habit! Whether you open the windows to enjoy the look of a winter wonderland or you’re simply being treated to a view of the neighborhood, keeping the blinds open can provide you with a little energy boost that you need to make it through such a long, cold period of darkness.

Pull Up a Chair and Enjoy a Good Book

Numerous studies have shown that reading without having enough light can cause long term damage to your eyes. Unlike windows, you can’t upgrade your eyes if they go out on you. Okay, sure, you can get a new pair of glasses, but you see the point we’re making here.

Rather than squinting at your book and hoping for the best, why not pull up a chair by your favorite window and do a little bit of reading with the help of the abundant natural light you’ll be letting in? A good book on a winter day sounds about as idyllic as it gets to us. Whether you’re diving into a Stephen King book (a plus to do with lots of light, because it will no doubt scare the pants off of you) or you are revisiting an old favorite, having a dedicated area to enjoy the view from a window while reading a good book sounds like a great way to spend some time to us.

Take Up Birdwatching

Whether you build birdhouses for fun in your woodshop or you just purchased a bird feeder to hang on the oak tree out front, why not make it a point to enjoy the fruits of your labor (or your purchase). From Carolina wrens to northern mockingbirds to cranes to hummingbirds, there is no shortage of winged wonders to enjoy in Tennessee. While you’re not likely to see a wood duck or a mallard unless you live on the water, a good bird feeder and the right bird feed might just allow you to see something amazing like a red-shouldered hawk or a ruby-crowned kinglet.

The point here is that there are a lot of creatures to keep your eye out for in Knoxville and the surrounding area and we think you should make the time to do just that. What better place to do it this winter than from the comfort of your own home while enjoying a view from your new windows? Sure, some of these birds will be flying south for the winter, but trust us when we say that the ones you catch a glimpse of make this a hobby that is completely worthwhile.

The Windows Installer You Can Count On

With an unbeatable lifetime guarantee, there’s no reason not to choose West Knox Windows and Siding for your next project. Before we know it, the winter weather will have arrived in our neck of the woods in full force. The most snow we get usually comes in January, so even if we’re not quite there yet it doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to start preparing for whatever moisture gets thrown our way this year.

Fortunately, if you’re using your new windows for one of the recommendations above then we think that this might just be your favorite winter yet. It’s the time of year that causes people to slow down and enjoy the little things. The holidays mean celebrations with family and friends. The weather means a change in scenery. Either way, winter represents the perfect time to find new ways to relax and enjoy the parts of life that you might not make time for otherwise.

If that sounds up your alley, new windows might just be the perfect option for you. There’s still time to have our team install replacement windows in your home, so contact us today to get a free quote!