First off, please allow us to apologize for the particularly bad title of today’s blog. Seeing as how it’s Halloween today, we felt compelled to write something that’s in the spirit of the season. Hey, stranger things have happened! Anyway, back to the topic at hand. When it comes to gutter installation in Knoxville and the surrounding area, we’ve already laid out the fact that there’s still time to clean your gutters before winter in a previous blog.

But what if your gutters need a little bit more than just a good cleaning? Not to worry, because at West Knox Windows and Siding, we also handle gutter replacements and gutter installations. In other words, if your gutters are looking a little bit worse for wear, put your trust in our team of experts to provide you with exceptional gutters at a fair price. Wondering what to expect when you choose us? Keep reading to find out!

Gutter Installation Done Right

As residents of Knoxville are well aware, winter weather in our neck of the woods means that there’s quite a bit of moisture. Although we don’t get the majority of our snow until January, the rest of the months that are just around the corner often mean that the gutters on homes in the area are being put to good use.

You want to keep your home safe, dry, and free from damage, and if you’re in the market for replacement gutters, we’d love to help. Our seamless gutter systems are designed specifically to deflect moisture away from your home. Each piece is assembled on site and customized to suit the needs of your particular home. Because every home is different, this is the way to go. Rather than risking a one-size-fits-all approach, we take the time to make sure that things get done the right way.

Choose From a Number of Different Colors

Available in a variety of different colors, not only can you ensure that your home is protected from the elements, but also that it’s looking its best in the process. Whether you prefer a classic white or you would rather opt for something a little more bold, we can accomodate you.

With nearly five decades of experience under our belts, we’re happy to offer a Lifetime Warranty on materials and labor. We know just how important peace of mind is to homeowners. There’s a lot to love about owning a home, but dealing with the little issues that pop up over time is not one of those things. That’s why we want to ensure that you trust us to get things done right the first time around. If for some reason something goes wrong, you can count on our Lifetime Warranty which means that we’ll make it right. It’s as simple as that.

Avoid a Real Scare With Quality Gutters

The gutter systems that we craft are made from heavy gauge aluminum to ensure that they stand up to anything Mother Nature decides to throw their way. Although it might look like a dark and stormy night is brewing on the horizon, we install downspouts to direct water away from your home’s walls and foundation. Because really, there’s nothing scarier than coming home to find that your gutters have failed and there’s a massive pool of water making its way through your foundation and into your basement. (Frankenstein’s monster’s got nothing on that!)

To sum it all up, we’d like to turn to an old phrase that’s served us well over the years: better safe than sorry.

Gutter Replacement in Knoxville

Between the high quality materials, the expert installation, and the Gutter Guard product that can help to eliminate future clogging or cleaning your gutters, there are plenty of reasons to have the team from West Knox Windows and Siding out to do some work at your home. With winter weather just around the corner, now is the time to make sure that everything is all set.

We’re Knoxville’s #1 home improvement team and there’s nothing we love more than to helping make homes a better place for people to live. Be sure to check out our credentials to get a feel for what makes us who we are, then contact us today to get a free estimate.